Foursquare's New Swarm App Is Here

Foursquare's new app called Swarm has arrived, as promised. The app went live in the iOS App Store and Google Play on Thursday. Foursquare announced in early May that it would split its experience into two apps. Swarm is intended to be a convenient way to keep up with what your friends are doing, letting you check into venues, just like the Foursquare app, but it also lets you automatically share which neighborhood you're in. In a series of blog posts, Foursquare explained the new features of Swarm. The app includes stickers, which users can attach to a check-in similar to emoji. Mayorships also got a revamp; a venue can have several different mayors among different friend groups. Swarm Plans let you make quick plans with friends that are close to you. Just type in a query like "Who's up for pizza for lunch?" — and it will push out to your Swarm friends nearby. They can then reply to it. With Neighborhood Sharing, you can easily and automatically share your general location with friends. You can turn this setting on and off with a simple swipe. Although the original Foursquare app was also updated on Thursday, the re-imagining of the experience — centered around discovery — is still to come. While the act of checking in still exists in the app, Thursday's updates sets the stage for its migration to Swarm. The company said the new Foursquare will come this summer, and added that it will be "fiddling with the knobs" on Swarm over the coming weeks.