Samsung NX3000 Camera Lets You Get Serious About Selfies

In the NX Mini, Samsung introduced a camera for the selfie-obsessed, including an LCD that flips a full 180 degrees and special settings for self portraits. Now that feature is getting a second home in the NX3000. Whereas the NX Mini prioritized a slim form factor and speed over all else, the NX3000 is a more "traditional" mirrorless camera. Its APS-C sensor captures the same 20 megapixels as the NX Mini's, but its larger size will give image quality a boost, plus it makes the camera compatible with the diverse NX line of lenses (the Mini's 1-inch sensor requires different optics). The marquee feature is the flip-up LCD, which gives selfie lovers the perfect way to set up a high-quality shot of themselves. Not only will you benefit from the NX3000's lens and sensor, but the camera's Self Shot mode will also automatically airbrush your selfies by default Self Shot mode will also automatically airbrush your selfies by default (you can turn the feature off for the "natural" look). You can also set it up to snap your selfie either after a 3-second countdown, when you smile or when you wink at the camera. The NX3000 has a shutter speed that maxes out at 1/4,000 of a second and can capture up to six RAW photos per second. ISO is adjustable from 100 to 25,600. Just like the NX Mini, it saves to microSD cards instead of full-size ones, both to cut down on space and make them quickly swappable into a smartphone. There's a micro USB port for data and charging (it has the same battery as in many Galaxy smartphones) as well as a micro HDMI port for displaying photos and videos on a TV. The body comes in brown, black and white, and it ships with a 16-50mm power-zoom lens that includes optical image stabilization. A detachable flash is included. The NX300 will be available June 1 for the tidy sum of $529 (with 16-50mm OIS Power Zoom and a SEF-8 Flash), or about as much as the NX Mini (depending on the lens). A version with a 20-50mm lens and SEF-8 flash will also be available for the price of $479. Whichever you choose is a question of how much you prioritize lens compatibility, overall slimness and that potential extra bump in image quality. But in either case, you'll get the best selfies you've ever taken.