Walmart Cuts Price of all 16GB iPad Minis by $30

Need a last-minute Mother's Day gift? You might want to head to Walmart. In an extremely rare sale, big box store is rolling back the price of the 16GB iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina by $30. The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini is now $269 (from $299) and the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini with Retina is now $369 (from $399). The price is good in stores and at Only the 16GB Wi-Fi models are discounted. The 32GB, 64GB and 128GB devices (both regular and Retina) are still normal price, as are all LTE-equipped iPad mini devices. Still, sales on Apple products are rare, in part because the company limits how its retail partners can price its products. In recent years, Walmart has managed to be more aggressive with Apple product discounts. As an aside — it's interesting that the iPad mini is the version getting a discount, rather than the iPad Air. That's a good indicator that at Walmart at least, the iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina are better sellers.