Survival of the Fittest Fitness Tracker

Our latest Mobile Minute video investigates what fitness trackers need to do to remain relevant, especially with the rise of smart devices like watches and phones. Fitness trackers are facing some stiff competition in the wearable market. Devices like the Pebble smartwatch and Samsung's Galaxy Gear already include accelerometers, while smartphone tech is already starting to count your footsteps and calories. And if things weren't already looking bleak for fitness tracking hardware, Nike recently fired most of their FuelBand division. CEO Mark Parker remained dedicated to developing software, and Nike's relationship with Apple will surely mean that they will have a hand in developing for the long-rumored iWatch. So how can fitness bands survive in the ever-growing wearable market? Check out the video above to find out, and make sure to check out our Ask a Dev YouTube channel for more on today's emerging technology. Our developer experts are from Mutual Mobile, a leading development and design firm that builds mobile strategies for top companies such as Audi, Google and Citigroup. The team is eager to answer your questions about mobile, so ping us with your top queries on Twitter, using the hashtag #AskaDev.