Good employees are always preferred and given benefits in whatever company they are working in. Likewise Google AdSense provides the good publishers with great benefits in the shape of The Premium AdSense Publisher Account.

In any business institution or organization, people who bring in good value are usually rewarded. Like many online companies, Google relies upon ads for its business. The more ad-clicks you get on your website, the better it is for Google, because Google ultimately gets a portion of its Adwords share. Just like most companies, Google has an incentive program with which it rewards Adsense publishers who bring in lots of click, and effectively help Google as well. This incentive program is dubbed "Google Premium AdSense Publishers". Many of our readers have had some confusion regarding Premium AdSense Publisher accounts. So that shall be our point of focus in this post today.

How to become a Premium AdSense Publisher?

A Premium AdSense Publisher (PAP) is a special publisher who gets premium services as mentioned above. PAPs have a huge traffic, and a high CTR, which is the reason why they stand out from normal publishers.

To become a PAP, you first have to pass a loyalty test. Not everyone can participate in this program. There's a minimum threshold that needs to be met first. You have to have at least one of the following;
A minimum of 1 Million pageviews per month - In other words you must have a daily traffic of at least 10-20 thousand pageviews.At least 100K-150K search queries per month -  This approximates to around 5 thousand search queries per day.
As you can see, both these figures are pretty high, which is why it is very difficult to become a PAP. PAPs have a high CTR - more than 100 clicks per day - which is why Google is interested in them.

Direct Linking To Adsense For Search Results

According to the rules and policies of the AdSense, it forbids direct links to 'Adsense for search results' , however Premium Adsense Publishers are not granted such limitations. They are free to provide direct link to adsense for search results containing just adsense ads with zero content on the page. This is a great push for the Adsense Premium Publishers.

Rid Of Ads By Google

Another liberty provided to the Adsense Premium Publishers is the option to remove the 'ads by google'  label from the adsense ads to make them look much more professional. They can edit according to their desires and write anything as the label leading to an increase in the CTR. Premium Adsense gain a +1 to get ads clicked, quite much more then the normal Adsense Publishers.

Customized Ad Format

One of the most talked about benefits given to the Adsense Premium Publishers is the customization of Adsense ads according to their own desires. They can change the color of their custom ad, size of their custom ad, the text color and much more. Another way of copying a certain ad format is by editing the Adsense code. However this can lead to your Adsense account being disabled as changing the Adsense code is against the TOS of Google Adsense.

A Personalized Adsense Help Personnel

The Premium Adsense Publishers get a separate Adsense Help Personnel and Account Manager to give them advise on the right kind of ads and ads placing for their website. This drives them to earn much more then the normal Adsense publishers. The Account Manager also helps them in setting the layout of the website, its design and color.

Adsense Ads In Adults And Casino Related Pages

Premium Adsense Publishers are given yet another freedom to put Ads by Google on casino related and adult pages. This kind of liberty is not given to Normal Adsense Publishers as Google strictly bans putting Adsense ads on such pages.

Negotiated Revenue Terms

Adsense Premium Publishers get negotiated ads prices to showcase them on their website. Both Adsense and publisher negotiate on prices and sign a contract for a specified term of time to work together . The share percentage is decided upon and an agreement is signed between the two. 

Google strictly disallows to share any kind of update or information to the Adsense Premium Publishers which clearly shows the level of superiority they enjoy. So work upon getting Adsense Premium Publisher Account and enjoy the sUperiority level.
Ad-customization - Normal publishers can't change AdSense ad codes to make them look different, because they run the risk of getting their accounts banned. But premium publishers have no such limitation. They can change size, format, text color, background color, theme, and a lot more! They can also remove the 'Ads by Google' label on ads to make them look more professional.

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