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Adobe releases original source code for Photoshop version 1.0


It’s been nearly 25 years since Adobe released the first full version of Photoshop, a program that would eventually become the go-to graphical editing tool for professionals and amateurs alike. In the event that you weren’t around back then to enjoy Photoshop 1.0, you can now download a free and legal copy as of today courtesy of the Computer History Museum.

The Museum said they obtained permission from Adobe Systems to release source code from the 1990 version of Photoshop 1.0.1 free of charge for non-commercial use. In total, there are 179 files in the zipped folder which contains about 128,000 lines of mostly undocumented but well-structured code


Roughly 75 percent of the code is written is Pascal, 15 percent was done in 68000 assembler language while the rest if a mix of various other languages. Everything is included with the exception of the MacApp applications library that was licensed from Apple.

PetaPixel highlights the fact that almost all of the code was written by Thomas Knoll since he was the only engineer on board when version 1.0 was released. Thomas and his brother John originally wrote the software, known at the time as Display, for their own personal use. It was licensed to Adobe in 1989 and released to the public a year later. For the follow-up release, a second programmer was added to the mix.

Those interested in checking out the retro software can download it free of charge by clicking here. There’s a user guide and a tutorial available should you need it.

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Facebook Continues Redesign Rollout With New Look for Pages

Facebook redesigned its news feed last week, but the company isn't stopping there. Next up for a makeover is Facebook Pages.

Facebook announced a new look for Pages on Monday, changing the appearance for both Page visitors and Page admins to what the company is calling a more "streamlined" look.

The new design includes two columns similar to the old version, but the right column is now the Page's timeline and the left includes information about the brand or corporation. In the previous design, both columns served as the Timeline; posts were staggered between the left and right columns as users scrolled down.

In the new design, the "Invite Your Friends" section has moved from the right side of the screen to the left, and the text box for posting switched from the left to the right side.

For Page admins, a new metrics section on the far right-hand side of the Page includes data about ads, Likes and post reach. Facebook is also rolling out "Pages to Watch" for all admins, meaning users can create a list of similar or competitor pages to compare metrics like engagement and Page Likes.

The redesign comes less than a week after Facebook updated the look for news feed, a relatively minor change that included larger photos and new icons and fonts. That change was a year in the making, and Monday's update appears to be in the same vein, using similar fonts and icons.

The new design is rolling out this week, according to a spokesperson, and is changing for web only. Facebook announced a mobile redesign for Pages last April.

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