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DO You Know That How Twitter is different from Facebook??

If you are new to these social media platforms, I am sure you must be wondering, what is the difference between these websites.. In this post I will explain the basic difference:

Both, Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms.. where the users can connect with his friends and relatives.. share his thoughts, be updated with recent happenings. Its easier for someone to understand Facebook than Twitter..This is how Facebook and Twitter are used generally:

Facebook user wants to reconnect with friends and extended family members or find new friends online; there are features like email, instant messaging, image and video sharing.

Twitter on the other hand is used to update your followers about a quick thought that came in your mind, sharing news/view, what are you upto at that given moment ( all this limited to 140 characters per post). On Twitter we can share photos, videos using websites like Twictpic. There is option of sending direct message to users ( these are private messages).

Few key differences :

One of the most important difference is that on Twitter, we can tweet that is post a status which is limited to just 140 characters per post.

On Facebook, users can see each other’s whole profiles if they are friends on Facebook. Public tweets can be seen by anybody, even those without a Twitter account unless the user decides to make it private.

Content on Twitter can be more viral , its mostly because of the way it is developed – Its short, easily sharable, hashtags (it has a function known as re-tweet).

Tweets made by a protected account cannot be ‘retweeted’, and are not visible to anyone outside of their followers.

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