3G And 4G Lisences Auctioned by PTA

Pakistan moves one step forward in technology as 3G and 4G technology is about to be introduced in Pakistan. The nation was waiting for this moment since very long and mobile phone users in Pakistan were getting frustrated because they were watching that these technologies were being used all over the world but Pakistanis were kept deprived from this technology.

Not only users but all cellular companies were waiting for this day to come as many of them have already installed the 3G and 4G equipment but were not getting license to introduce the technology in their network to their users. After waiting so long toady PTA has called all the telecom companies of bidding. Bidding for 3G and 4G technology started today morning and in bidding Zong came on the top as Zong managed to buy license to introduce 3G with 10 MHz frequency and a 4G as well. Mobilink ended up buying 1 license of 3G 10MHz while Ufone and telenor grabbed 3G licenses of 5 MHz frequency.

It is very surprising that Warid couldn't managed to buy a single license in bidding and that could do some serious damage to the company. Total 4 Nos. licenses have been sold for 1.1 Billion Dollars.While its been said that 4G licences will be sold for 0.5 Billion Dollars. It means soon cell phone users in Pakistan will be enjoying some extraordinary fast internet and some real time video calling. On lighter note this video calling will make some problems for those who lie on their phones.

Now wives will be able to know exactly where their husband is sitting or one wouldn't be able to lie with his/her boss. So things are going to change, students will be able to search things fast on their mobile phones. Even a mobile costing few thousand will be able to use this advanced technology. Doors for jobs will also open in Pakistan with the introduction of 3G and 4G technology. Lets see when do the mobile companies offer 3G and 4G services.

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