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Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro rolling off the assembly lines, coming soon

So, looks like it is all going as planned with the Microsoft Surface Pro. Panos Panay, who is in charge of the device's hardware, tweeted today that the tablet is now rolling off the assembly lines. He also confirmed that the Windows 8 variant of the Surface should be available for purchase within weeks.
But speaking of buying a Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro, keep in mind that the tablet won't come cheap. As its maker confirmed, the 64GB model will retail for $899, while the 128GB variant will set you back $100 extra.
And that's in case you don't want to add a Touch Cover or a Type Cover to the deal, which cost $119 and $129 respectively. In comparison, the Windows RT Surface tablet starts at $499, but it won't run any legacy apps and it comes with a display of lower resolution. On the other hand, you'll get twice the battery life with a Surface RT. After all, its Tegra 3 chip sucks a lot less power than the beefy Intel Core processor installed in the Surface Pro.
So there you have it! The Microsoft Surface Pro is on its way, so if that's the tablet you've been expecting, there's not much waiting time left. Who's getting one? Let us know down in the comments