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Massive Google Maps Update for iOS, Android Includes Uber Integration

Google just pushed out a massive update to its Google Maps app for iOS and Android. The new Google Maps app is chock full of features including lane guidance, better offline maps and integration with Uber. There's a lot to unpack in this new update, so let's look at some of the stand-out additions. Lane guidance Google Maps will now show you what lane you should stay in or move to during your journey. Voice guidance and step-by-step navigation will suggest the best lane based on your destination. It works on highways in Canada, non-highway roads in Japan and highways and local roads in major U.S. cities. One of the best parts of Google Maps is the ability to save a map for offline use. In the past, however, saving maps and accessing them in the future hasn't always been easy. Before your trip, you can search for an area, tap on its place sheet and then, when available, tap "Save map to use offline." You can access your offline apps from your profile icon in the top right corner of the app. If you have the Uber app installed, you can compare your route with transit and walking directions directly from Google Maps. That might be useful if it turns out the trains are running off-schedule or the walk is longer than you think. Tapping the Uber option will launch the app. You can now filter the restaurant, bar and hotel search by opening hours, price and rating. That's useful if you need to find a place currently open and don't want to show-up to find it closed. On the transit side, users have been able to view transit options by "depart at" or "arrive by" times for quite some time. Now, depending on the city, users can also look for the "last train" - which is great if you're visiting a city that doesn't have 24-hour transit. The updated Google Maps for Android and iOS is available now in the App Store and Google Play.