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Facebook updates Android app with voice messages, not voice calling

Facebook has a very strange way of updating its apps. The Facebook Messenger app got the update to include voice messages a few weeks ago, but that feature is just now getting folded into the main Facebook app as well. The Facebook for Android app has gotten a couple of other updates as well as voice messages, but unfortunately, voice calling is not one of them. Since the update is to the main Facebook app, the other updates don't apply to communication. With this update, it has been made faster to open and few photots, and even better, you can now reshare your friends' stories to timelines, pages, and groups. It's a bit surprising that last feature didn't exist until now. It has been possible to reshare stories to your own timeline, of course, but not to other people's timelines, pages, or groups. If you want the update, it's available now for free in the Google Play Store.