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Windows 7-first report

I was one of those that downloaded the free beta of windows 7 when Microsoft TechNet released it and it was immediately installed on my "main computer' as this is the one that gets most of the playing around on since it is used mainly as my 'beyond tv' computer for watching tv programs on and the basic internet stuff.
Not only was I blown away by the easy and quick installation, but since the initial install on Jan 2, 2009, it has only needed to be restarted due to software installations and has never crashed or frozen.  I did have to install an older driver version of logmein, but once that was installed, it proceeded to allow the update to the newer and latest version of logmein.
My Carbonite backup works fine as the install was without issue.
My Snapstream Beyond TV is also working, both the latest release, as well as the beta that I downloaded after I saw that the stable public release version did work.
I then figured this wasn't giving the Windows 7 Beta enough of a challenge so I installed it on a 1.4ghz laptop with 1gb of RAM.. again, no problems with the install and all appears to be working, with the exception of the built in wireless (intel wireless) and even after installing the xp/vista drivers, which appeared to install ok, it doesn't want to allow me any sort of workable interface so I installed a D-Link PCMCIA wireless G card and after installing the (very old 2003 drivers-the last issued for this card) it worked and so I now have wireless to the device.
Knowing how reliable and fast this o/s appears to be, I will be sure to install this to other working units, hoping to give this o/s a rigorous workout right up until the final public release of this new operating system.  So far, I would have to say Microsoft has a winner here!