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Is your computers display all of a sudden only looking strange, like there are less colours?  When you check the display settings do you find you only have 2 or 16 colours available?   This is a typical situation and in most cases a simple fix. What has likely happened is you have installed a new program and/or removed a program and after this the display driver has become corrupted.  What you are going to want to do is reinstall the display driver.  To do this, restart your computer in SAFE Mode by performing a normal restart. Once you have restarted it, the memory usually counts and then the windows splash screen comes up. You want to press the F8 button at this time. If you wait too long you might have missed it and if you do, you should press ctrl-alt-del and restart your computer.  Once you have successfully pressed F8 and have the BOOT MENU, you can choose SAFE MODE.Once in SAFE MODE you will want to go to the DEVICE MANAGER, by RIGHT clicking on MY COMPUTER, then select PROPERTIES and then DEVICE MANAGER. Now click on the + sign next to DISPLAY ADAPTER and then click on the display adapter listed so that it is highlighted. Now press REMOVE button to delete this driver.   NOTE: If you see more then one display adapter listed you will want to remove it as well.. All display adapters should be removed.  Once you do this, restart your computer normally.  Windows will now re-detect the device and should automatically re-install the display driver from the file it finds in the c:\windows\system folder. In some cases, you may be prompted for the driver, but don't panic if you don't have the disk, since you can simply point it to the c:\windows\system folder by pressing the BROWSE button.  If it still can not find it then you can try c:\windows however in most cases the driver has become corrupted to the point it does not recognize it. Now at this point you are going to want the correct display driver disk and you can probably find the latest one by doing a driver search from  (username: drivers      and use the password: all) then run a drivers search.  Once you have reinstalled your driver, all should be back to normal and you should be able to choose more then 16 colours.