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NOTE: If you have a printer that uses a USB cable to connect, you should be first installing the software that comes with the printer. It will notify you when it wants you to plug in the cable. If you don't have software then you will want to go to step Check to see if printer is already installed on your computer:First click on start menu then on settings/printers Once the printers window opens, note what printers are listed (if there are no printers listed then skip to INSTALLING THE PRINTER DRIVER/SOFTWARE).  Note the printer you are going to use.  In most cases, there will be a checkmark by the one that is the default printer. You can RIGHT mouse click on the printer icon and make sure it is not working OFFLINE. There would be a checkmark next to that if it was. If there is, simply click on it so there isn't. This will turn the printer back ONLINE.  You should now be able to test the printer by RIGHT clicking on the printer you want to check and then select PROPERTIES. Now you should see a PRINT TEST PAGE button. Simply click on this and it should print at test page. NOTE: you will be asked if the test page printed ok. ALWAYS SAY YES to this. Pressing  NO only opens a help wizard which really just confuses you more and doesn't solve anything. If everything was ok, you are done. If not, then keep reading. INSTALLING THE PRINTER DRIVER/SOFTWAREIf you have the printer/setup CD-ROM then put in the computer and run the setup program. This should automatically install the printer for you. If you don't have the CD-ROM then you can download this software from the appropriate manufacturers website. You will be looking for the DRIVERS or SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS link. (i.e.: Epson would be found at and then follow the links, HP would be found at and follow the links).  Now when you are prompted to open or save the file you are about to download. If you are on a high speed connection and don't care to have a copy of the software, then you can simply click OPEN and the file will be downloaded automatically and will start the setup program once downloaded. If you are on a dial up service and/or want to save the printer driver software in case you have to reinstall it, then chose to SAVE this file to disk.  The save to window will open where you should be saving it to. Note it says "save to" and then has a destination already selected. Windows default is to save to the desktop but windows also remembers whatever the last place you saved a file that you downloaded to. If you haven't already created an "internet downloads" folder then I suggest you save it here. You can click to browse the computer for the best place. If you want to create the folder INTERNET DOWNLOADS then click on Drive C so that it is highlighted, then click on the icon NEW FOLDER. A new folder will be placed on the Drive C and it will be highlighted NEW FOLDER waiting for you to give it a new name.  Simply type in INTERNET DOWNLOADS and press enter. This will now be where the file will download and be saved to when you press OK. You can also change the name of the file that is going to be saved, since the original name from the manufacture is usually some strange file name you would later on have no clue what it was, therefore simply highlight the filename that in the filename box and rename it to something you will recognize when you are browsing through your downloads folder. (i.e.: Epson printer driver or whatever your printer type is).  Now you can click on OK/SAVE and the file will begin to download to your computer. As the file is downloading, the download window should have a small checkbox which should NOT be checked stating (close windows once download complete). You will want to be prompted, so you do not want this selected.   Once the file has been downloaded, if you did have the choice to now OPEN or OPEN FOLDER then select OPEN. If you were not given any option and the window simply disappeared after the download was complete, close your web browser and click on MY COMPUTER. Click on the appropriate DRIVE and then click on the Internet Downloads folder that you saved the file in.  Now you simply click on the saved file and it will install from there. PRINT TEST AND DEFAULT SETUPOnce printer software has been installed you should run a print test page through. At that time you can setup the default options such as print speed/quality, paper quality and format sizes and types.  To do this once again click on START MENU then on SETTINGS/PRINTERS. Note with XP you will have a separate PRINTERS folder FROM THE start menu. Now RIGHT CLICK on the appropriate printer and select PROPERTIES.  Here you will see a number of TABS, depending on your printer type, you should be able to check the paper size, settings of quality versus speed and also PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE options.  NOTE: This is the default settings which means if you simply click on the PRINTER ICON from whatever program you are using, it will use these default settings. If in the case you want to make changes to a single print job, be sure to select FILE/PRINT which will then open the printer dialog box that will allow you to select the printer and it's properties once again.