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How Many Pictures can a Digital Picture Frame Hold?

One of the major benefits of the digital picture frame over its more traditional rival is the ability to hold numerous pictures at once, showing either one which you can change from time to time or having them rotate through a sequence as a slide show. This versatility and variety is what attracts many users to their first digital picture frame purchase.

Internal storage memory

The reason for this is that every frame is different. The number of photos it holds depends entirely on the storage space on the internal computer within the frame, and there is no standard size for that. So when you are considering buying a digital picture frame make sure that you consider the internal storage capacity.

There are ways of getting more photos into your frame though, the best being purchasing a memory card. Memory cards can add massive amounts of storage space to your digital picture frames, with some cards having up to 32GB's worth of space available!

Picture size

How much storage space is taken up per photo is important to how many pictures your frame can hold. Every photo takes up a certain amount of internal memory and it can vary from photo to photo. On average a professional photo will take up 3MB's worth of space but it is dependent on a number of factors including

- The resolution the photo was taken in
- What format the photo was saved in
- How big the photo is

Should you want the photo to take up less space, there are plenty of services available online that allow you to crop or resize the photos to be less demanding of the frames internal storage space.

Vertical/Horizontal Photos

Another advantage of using the digital photo frame is that you can use its functions to rotate a photo across its vertical and horizontal positions. Meaning you can have a photo frame displaying your photo in a vertical position in one moment, and then easily switch to one showing a horizontal one the next.

The most popular frame size tends to be 7 inches, though many frames are available in sizes from 10 inches upwards. Most will allow you to switch between 4:3 aspect ratios (like a TV) or 16:9 ratio (like widescreen). These ratios also come with the option of either framing the photo in black verticals and horizontals to keep it at its original size, or having the photo expand to fit the frame. This ensures you can display the photo in the manner you want to.

How many pictures can a digital picture frame hold? Whilst an important question for anyone looking to buy themselves a frame it is not one that can have a generalist answer, but instead needs to be answered from frame to frame.