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Facebook phasing out support for IE7?

Facebook may be phasing out support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browser, a year after the social networking giant officially withdrew support for Internet Explorer 6.

 An article on Ireland-based tech site "The Sociable" said IE7 cannot properly display Facebook’s newest Timeline feature, and displays the old-style Facebook profile format instead.

“IE7 users visiting profile pages that would otherwise be Timeline-enabled are presented with the old Facebook profile design, complete with a number of very evident styling issues caused by IE7’s treatment of the style sheet language CSS,” said.

 Sociable said Facebook opted against partial Timeline support in IE7, choosing to ignore the five-year-old IE7 altogether.

 But it said Facebook’s refusal to support IE7 in Timeline is bold “but nevertheless comes as no great surprise.”

It noted Google announced earlier this year it would no longer officially support IE7 in many of its popular services, including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

“IE7’s global market share continues to dwindle, now standing at a little over 4 percent, and just 2.2 percent above the ever-enduring IE6,” it added