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If you are using Norton Antivirus and/or System works as your means of keeping the nasty viruses out then you are probably wondering what to do after you get a virus and it has been put in the quarantine.  The following procedure should be what you would do in a typical scenario where your Norton Antivirus caught a virus during an email download for example:Start your antivirus console.  If you are using Norton Systemworks, then you should be able to start from the start menu icon. If you have norton antivirus solo you can either find it in the programs menu or you can double click on the norton antivirus icon located in your system try (near the clock).Once you have the console open you will want to click on ANTIVIRUS and then on REPORTS and then on QUARANTINE where you will see the list of viruses caught.  Since these were obviously caught by Norton then you must have the virus definitions for this virus which is good and that is why it is now in quarantine.  What you can do is DELETE each one by clicking on it so it is highlighted and then delete. After you have done this you will want to check the BACKUP folder as well and safely delete everything in here.Next you will want to close all your programs running and then empty your recycle bin. If you are using Norton Utilities/System works then you will probably have a NORTON PROTECTED RECYCLE BIN as well. This means you will want to EMPTY the Norton Protected files AFTER you have emptied the normal recycle bin. Now you can be sure you have deleted everything.Now restart your computer. After it has restarted start your antivirus console again and run LIVE UPDATE by clicking on the LIVE UPDATE button.  Follow the wizard steps until you receive either the message stating you are up to date or if there are virus updates then download them.  In the case of the downloads, after everything has been installed, restart your computer (even if it doesn't prompt you to).  If no updates were necessary then you can move to the next step.Next step being to run a full system virus scan. This way you will be sure you have removed everything.